How to find trailing spaces?


In the Faq there is nice item about removing leading and trailing spaces from the tags.
But how can you find which files have trailing spaces in the tags?
Also fields with only spaces are a problem.
In some other programs I can see it in the alpabetic order where a Comment field, full of spaces gets before a Comment field starting with A....
In mp3tag, Comment fields with only spaces seems to be ignored.
I have a mp3 file which has for sure spaces in ID3v1 Comment (I see it in Winamp) but mp3tag not even showing a Comment filed in the Alt+T window?!? Also I'm sure that this tags is read at the moment. So how can I clear such a comment field in ID3tag when it is not even showing?
Is this some bug ?


The empty comment field will be removed at saving the tag again.

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