How to find which version ID3v2.3 is inside?

For writing the ID3v2.3 tag you can choose which type you like to use; ID3v2.3 ISO or ID3v2.3 UTF-16.
But how to find out which type of ID3v2.3 is already inside a mp3 file?
The column Tag only shows ID3v2.3, but nothing more. The Read setting is not specific, just ID3v2.3.

Use the column Encoding which has the Value and Field %_id3v2_character_encoding%

right click on column headings, choose customize, then add a column. Give it name "tag type" and put this in the field:
%_tag_read%[ (%_tag%)]

this will show you the tags in the file and the tag being read.

In a way this is not really important as long as it is correct. After writing it will be as you set in the options.

You may include a custom column with the value %_id3v2_character_encoding%

Right, I have a lot of old ISO tags. Rewriting them without an edit isn't going to change the bad characters that may be in them.

I just added $left(%_id3v2_character_encoding%,3) to my Tag column. Just the leading character would suffice, however.

E.g. Mp3diags checks for ANSI encoding and "repairs" the tags assuming the English code page.
So perhaps a run with that program might do the trick.

Maybe a combination of two columns can give more information at once ...

Mp3tag column definition Name : TagRead (TagTypes) Value: %_tag_read%[' ('%_tag%')'] Name : CharEnc Value: $ifgreater($strstr('|FLAC|MP4|WMA|','|'%_tag_read%'|'),0,'UTF-8',%_id3v2_character_encoding%)


thanks. and question: the above implies that FLAC tags (vorbis comments) and mp4, wma are all only UTF-8. Is that the case? Never knew that.

For FLAC/VorbisComment see there ...
... and search for "UTF-8":
"Field contents ... use the UTF-8 character encoding to allow easy representation of any language."

Regarding the filetypes WMA and MP4 I am not sure, whether there would be allowed to apply any different character encoding within tag-fields.

If you come along with such files, then you may modify the Mp3tag column definition respectively.
Please put a note into the Mp3tag forum about the facts.