How to fix year metadata after converting?

Hi. Recently I converted all my music library from MP3 to OPUS and used Mp3tag to copy all tags/artwork with little to no error (aside from sometimes missing the first line on UNSYNCEDLYRICS, but that's fixable) and now my YEAR tag is in a weird format:

For example, the first line should be 16/02/2007 or dd/mm/yyyy but it has no format now. Is there any way to fix this? should I copy the metadata to another tag for OPUS? Thanks.

Try an action of the type "Merge duplicate field" for YEAR and use a suitable separator, e.g. the slash.

you could then use Convert>Tag-Tag for YEAR and
Format string: $regexp(%year%,(\d\d)(\d\d)(.*),$1/$2$3)

The two backslashes are indictors that field has multiple entries. Somehow in your copy process either the original file already had these dual dates, or there was something in the conversion that added them. Strange though that some appear to be very different years.

The post above from @ohrenkino details how to deal with these now, and get them back to a single year.

@ohrenkino That worked flawlessly, thanks.

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