How to format AlbumArtist info for remixed single?

Per the guidelines from Apple Music (Apple Music Style Guide), remixes should show multiple album artists, with the role of each one denoted in parenthesis. How do I achieve this in MP3Tag for MacOS?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Apple Music and iTunes do not support the standard for multiple Artist fields. And for Albumartist to work as designed, it should only denote a single Artist.

Do they not provide any examples in their guideline? If not, perhaps you could share one for a track you are trying to complete.

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Apple doesn't seem to be following their own style guide. Their example for a remix: (See the link in my original post for the whole thing.)

Album Artists

Diplo (Primary)
Lunice (Featuring)
Kornél Kovács (Remixer)

To try to match that, I put the following into the MP3Tag 'Album Artist' field:

ArtistName (Primary), RemixerName (Remixer)

However, when I pulled the MP3 into Apple Music, it showed all of that instead of the Artist field. I went back and changed it to just ArtistName, and now Apple Music lists it correctly.

I’ve read through the linked Style Guide document. Seems there are many references they make to details that don’t reference specific tag fields, even for their native m4a format. Without diving in deeper into their documentation, I am wondering if these are supposed to be for the metadata tag fields for each audio file, or if there is some kind of submission detail that they expect to be completed and included prior to accepting the tracks and posting them on their store? I’m specifically looking at all of the details they are showing that show roles in parentheses after each name.

The style guide is for submission to their streaming and online store service, it has nothing to do with file metadata.

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As @AreDigg pointed out, this guide appears to be for Apple Music rather than ID3 tags. My apologies! I do notice that my distributor now has the option to add various roles (remixer, producer) when submitting music. I won't know until my next release date how and if that's incorporated into the ID3 tags of various DSPs.

Great. In the meantime you are still in control and able to complete those tags. Some artists/labels do a better job than others with this.

@MotleyG, very true! That's part of why I'm so careful about trying to get things right before submitting a new track. MP3Tag has been great for this, including support for adding BPM and InitialKey. DJs deserve some love! Now if we could just get some official standardization published for all to see. :wink:

If you find out what steers the display of the participating roles, please share!

A standard way to denote this is via the INVOLVEDPEOPLE field. I'm pretty sure doesn't support those, but maybe it's used when submitting to their Apple Music catalog.

Hi @Florian ! Here's the info:

On of the reasons I got MP3Tag was to be able to add tags to wav files. I added BPM and InitialKey prior to uploading. Either the tags didn't come through the DSPs processing, or were stripped out later.

		Apple Music MP3 tags:

Album, AlbumArtist, BPM (not filled in, despite me providing it), ...

...Comment (**THIS is where is says "(RemixerName Remix)". This is also listed at the end of the Title in squared parenthesis [], per my specifications when submitting to my distributer), ...

...Compilation, Composer, Copyright, DiscNumber, Genre, ITunesAccount (This embeds my email address, which I am NOT happy about! It seems like a security risk.), ITunesAdvisory (there is none), ITunesAlbumID, ITunesArtistID, ITunesCatalogID, ITunesComposerID, ITunesCountryID, ITunesGapless, ITunesMediaType, ITunesOwner, ITunesPurchaseDate, ITunMovi, ITunNorm, ITunSMPB, Movement, MovementTotal, Title, TotalDiscs, TotalTracks, Track, TVEpisode, TVSeason, XID (This lists the distributor), Year

		Amazon Music MP3 tags:

Album, AlbumArtist, Artist, Comment (Amazon puts their song ID here), Composer, Copyright, DiscNumber, Genre (Amazon helpfully added "DJ", since it's a remix), Title (includes [RemixerName Remix] at the end of the title, per my tags), Track, Year

The wav format doesn’t support many tags. That is why often the lossless format of choice is FLAC, or ALAC in your case since you are looking to use it for Apple Music or iTunes.

These iTunes tag fields are personalized when you purchase or download from their site, added by Apple using the purchaser’s account info for reference. You wouldn’t add your personal data here to upload tracks.

All good info. When uploading to distributors, wav is usually the only choice. That makes sense, since they're sending it out to dozens, if not hundreds of DSPs, not just Apple. (Amazon, Deezer, Boomplay, Anghami, Tencent...)

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