How To Format Filename > Tags?


I want to change "Slayer-DecadeOfAgression(CD2)-04-BlackMagic.mp3" (artist-album-track-title) to simply "Slayer - Black Magic.mp3" (artist - track) and have Mp3Tag place the artist and album and track and title information in the ID3 tag. How to do this? I read the FAQ and still do not understand...Thanks!


You can create a new action set which guesses values. Use _FILENAME as source format and %artist%-%album%-%track%-%title% as guessing pattern. Then create a new action which formats values. Use _FILENAME as field and %artist% - %title% as formatstring.
Using RegEx replace actions, you can also format "HelloWorld" to "Hello World". A quick an dirty example would be replacing (\u) with $1 (there is a space before $1). However, this will also change "CD" into " C D".


The RegEx (\u) with [space]$1 did not perform the expected action. What it did was replace "Al Green-CallMe" to " A l G r e e n - C a l l m e. m p 3". What other regex could i use?


The regular expression is fine, but you have to check the "case-sensitive omparison" checkbox.

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So basically:

  1. What regex to use to trim double spaces (to single space) in filename?
  2. What regex to use to add single space between open parenthesis and the character left of it?



Regex: [space]+
Replace with: [space]

Field: _FILENAME (or whatever you want)
Regex: (
Replace with: [space](

Look into the help for more :wink: