How to 'Formet Value' to multiple fields?

I've been trying to figure out this feature that was added in v2.44:

I want to copy the contents of the 'BAND' tag to two new tags, 'ALBUMARTIST' AND 'ALBUM ARTIST' in order to deal with the way FooBar2000 handles the tags for compilations.

However I can't get this to work. I'm setting the action like this:

Formatstring: %BAND%

That doesn't work. Nor does 'ALBUM ARTIST \\ ALBUMARTIST' or '\\ALBUM ARTIST \\ ALBUMARTIST' or any other combinations I can come up with.

Can someone tell me to get this working?

Many thanks...


Multiple-valued fields means multiple fields with the same name
Field: BAND
Format string: band1\\band2

creates two BAND tags.

You obviously want something else. The easiest way would be to make two actions:
Format string: %BAND%

Format string: %BAND%

Okay... Thanks Dano, I was hoping to save some time, but that'll have to do.

Meanwhile I opened a couple files I was testing in a hex editor and noticed that MP3Tag did write the tags. They were written to a TXXX tag as: 'ARTISTABLUM\\ARTIST ALBUM'

They just hadn't show up in their respective fields on the tag panel.


EDIT: I forgot I could set more than one action to run at the same time. That'll save me the time I was hoping for.

You can have several actions in one action group.

Still, if you want only one action, this can also work:
Action type: Guess values
Source format: %band%~%band%
Guessing pattern: %ARTISTABLUM%~%ARTIST ABLUM%

Action type: Guess values
Source format: $repeat(%band%~,2)
Guessing pattern: %ARTISTABLUM%~%ARTIST ABLUM%~

Works if ~ is not in your BAND tag.