How to get all the name tags of a complex music path

I have a huge collection (more than 16,000 songs) distributed in hundreds of folders, and I need to extract Artist Tags, Year, Album and Track number from the file and folder name,
The routes are almost always:

C:\Music\BandName\Year - AlbumName\BandName_TrackNumber_TitleSong.mp3

Literally and using characters:

C:\Music\Iron Maiden\1984 - Powerslave (Castle 106-2)\Iron_Maiden__1984_p_01__Aces High.ogg
C:\Music\Iron Maiden\1984 - Powerslave (Castle 106-2)\Iron_Maiden__1984_p_02__2 Minutes to Midnight.ogg

I understand that I can use variables to get the Tags, using the full path of each file, but I do not know which command I should use, and how.

I would like to avoid having the Album name have year numbers, special characters, text in parentheses, etc.

Always the 2nd level folder is the name of the band, the 3rd is year and album, and inside the name as in those 2 songs.

In that example I would like to be able to obtain:

Artist: Iron Maiden
Album: Powerslave
Year: 1984
Track number: X
Song Title

I have used MusicBrainz, but only correctly places the Artist and Title names. Almost always the track numbers also put them well. But the name of Album fails a lot.

Please help.
Thanks in advance.

does not match

So see what fits.
Select at least one of the tracks to try the following:
Use function Convert>Filename-Tag
Format string: %artist%\%year% - %album%\%dummy%__%dummy%_p_%track%__%title%
There is a preview in that function that shows you which field gets filled with which data.
Play around with the number of underscores until it looks right.

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%artist%\%year% - %album%\%dummy%__%dummy%_p_%track%__%title% works only for that example file. Because the "p" is a "Powerslave" abbreviation. Other of the thousands of files has other abbreviations.

Maybe theres a way to cut some part text of the file name, and the folder name for the special characters.

Thanx for replying!

I found very useful your answer.


%artist%\%year% - %album%\%dummy%__%dummy%_%dummy%_%track%__%title% do the job in most of the cases.

I need to know now how to reject text between brackets and that sort of stuff.

Insert a %dummy% for anything that you do not want.
You can evewn create user-defined fields with the %-notation, e.g. if you need the "P"

then create a field called %powerslave%.

If you have a track, lets say with the filename
Aces high (recorded 1984-04-03)
then you can extract the TITLE and the RELEASETIME like this:
%title% (recorded %releasetime%)

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But folder names that are Album can include very varied text between [], () and {}. The content between these characters does not have a fixed order or fixed amount. It can be text and numbers in different orders and text quantities.

Like this:

1996 - Crimson (VICP-5683)
1996 Elegy [2005 Russia IROND CD 01-69]
At War With Reality (Limited Edition Artbook) CD 1 - 2014
Winter's Gate (Japanese Edition) - [EAC-FLAC]

It's insane..:confused:

Thank you for your answers.

I think that for this what I need is some way to remove all the characters that are to the right of the char "["and also the same char "[".

The same for char "(" or "{"


If there is a different pattern then use a different mask.

could be converted with
%year% - %album% [%dummy%

could be:
%year% %album% [%dummy%

could be
%album% CD %discnumber% - %year%

probably ends up as
%album% - %dummy%
You can filter for folders that start with a number and a hypen e.g.
%_directory% MATCHES "^\d+ - "

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I have done the job with all your recommendations and modifying some folders, because the disorder on folder naming was effing terrible.

I used Bulk Rename Utility to put years in the correct way, and text between brackets always at end of every folder names having it.

This way is far better than MusicBrainz auto-whatever...

Thanx a lot, @ohrenkino !!!

Thank you.

Did you know that once you have all the data nicely standardized in the tags that you can rename the folder and all the files in it on the basis of the tags?
Use an action of the type "Format value" for _DIRECTORY
Format string (e.g.): %year% - %album%
Or, an absolute one path like
Format string: C:\Music%albumartist%%year% - %album%
Like this you get a easily maintainable naming pattern.

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Renaming Files/Folders is already done before because my naming scheme is for place the music ordered with folders, or simply all together in one unique folder. In both manners.

Folders are for sharing / catalogin.
Filename with all relevant data (band_year_album-abbreviation_track-number_title) are for my personal use and random playing. Browsing across thousands of folders to find a song or album is a insane process with a very big collection in wich you alredy known the bands.

My collection is formed by more or less 19.000 music files on 1.800 folders, complete discographys and so.