How to get live album art in Apple Music?

Is it possible to get live album art in apple music? What tags are responsible for it?

Is this a question about a feature of the player "Apple music"?
In general: pictures can be embedded in files that are supported by MP3tag.
Whether this leads to

I don't know.

Apple's animated album and playlist artwork are actually videos on a loop and not pictures/gifs. Adding videos is not even in the specification for tags as album art.


I didn't actually mean embedding gifs/mp4 in the tag, but getting those album arts from apple music render. When I download pirated m4a with purchase info and add them on my iPhone's AM, I get those live arts. So, are there any tags (like ITUNESCATALOGID or something) that make this possible?
Excuse my English, please.

If you suspect such fields to trigger the feature, then you could open the extended tags dialogue (Alt-T) and check which tag fields are visible for files that work for you and those that don't.
All further questions would then find a better addressee in the player's support.