how to get the dropdown menu in tag panel populated with history or manual input ?

next to each tag field in tag panel is a dropdown list arrow.. and for a mood field that i added i would like to have it populated with moods that i can choose from so i can keep a standardized input and not get mood tags saying "floorfiller" and "floor filler".

I read somewhere in the forum that it populated for someone with history after he saved tags ? but for me that doesnt happen. Is this a bug or a feature that i have to turn on ?
And else, how can i populate them manually.

And if thats not possible how can i make a choice menu in the actions menu?
I also read in the forums abotu someone doing this but it was not explained how to do so.

Except for the dropdown list for Genre the dropdown lists show the contents of the currently selected files plus the entries for keep and delete.
It is not possible to create your own list (unless you add template files to the current selection of files).

An action to put data into a field is of the type "Format value" for the respective field.
As format string enter the data that you want to set, e.g.
Format string: Floor filler.

Please note that you can create submenus in the action menu if you use a grouping name part and one to describe the action. The separator between the 2 parts is the character #, e.g.:
Mood#Floor Filler

The only field in the tag-panel that has a list to choose from is the genre-field.
The other fields have 3 features:

  • delete the tag
  • keep the tag as it is
  • choose from a list of entries if you have marked more than 1 file

If you have marked more than 1 file you get a list that is populated with the all the different field-contents of the marked files.
For me personally this is an important feature that I would not like to lose.

About actions for multiple choice read here:
feature request: select from predetermined tag set for custom fields