how to get the first letter of the first word UPPER

action case conversion
i want the first letter of the first word in the title in the upper case and others in lower case. i tried all the option in the case conversion but failed. i have titles with leading digits. the sentence option also gives me the lower case. mixed case gives me the first letter of each word in upper.

eg> 101 Pari Malar

wanted to get it as> 101 Pari malar

Action "Replace with regular expression"
Regular expression:
^(\d+ .)(.*)
replace with:

Use the converter "Tag - Filename", or an action "Format value" on the field _FILENAME, with the following scripting expression ...

$left(%_filename%,$strchr(%_filename%,' '))$caps3($cutLeft(%_filename%,$strchr(%_filename%,' ')))

Use the converter "Filename - Filename" ...

Convert | Filename - Filename | ALT+3

Select format string

Old filename pattern:
%1 %2

New filename pattern:
%1 $caps3(%2)

101 PARI MALAR.mp3
101 Pari malar.mp3


thanks . it works. have a nice day.

thanks a lot for the reply . f/n-f/n tried and it works. have a nice day.