how to get the number of tracks from an album


hi there...

since a while i'm trying to retrieve the total number of tracks from an album.
i need the total track number to format the TRACK tag like 01/04.
anyone an idea hoe to realize this?
%_total% and %_max_counter% are returning no informations. :huh:

thnx for help


Unfortunately, you do not say where you need this information.
In scripting there is a variable %counter% but this only counts. So, in actions there is no way to determine the total number of things to come.
The only way for numbering tracks including the total number is to use the numbering assistant in Extras (or the tool bar).
Tick "leading zeros" and "save totals" to get a track number like you suggested.


ok this is what i'm using at the moment.
but i still had the hope that this could be done from a batch process... would be nice if it could...

anyway...thnx for quick answering


If you tag only one album you can use %_total_files%