how to get tracks to line up in numerical order

I have an album with alternating artists, not exactly all multiple artists, but not by all one artist. The tracks are getting arranged by the artists the number order is all mixed up, but I want the tracks to line up from 1- 10, & show up in 1 -10 order in windows. How do I get it to do this?

There are two great functions in MP3tag:

  1. use the track numbering assistant to number all the tracks in the sequence you want to have them. You can leave out this function if your tracks already show the correct track number

  2. Use the tag - filename function and enter a mask that may look like this:

$num(%track%,3) - %artist% _ %title%
(you may just as well enter %track% - %artist% _ %title% - but formatting the track number with 3 digits just look nicer).
The preview will show that right now the filename will consist of the above data if you start the function.
The Windows explorer should then show the files sorted by track number.