How to grab all text till the dash

Hi I have been looking for a way to grab the title and put it in the artist tag, while cutting it off till the dash.

Aerosmith - Hole in my soul

Would convert to:

I know I can use: convert / tag to tag.

Then I wanted to use format string:


(which would mean, grab all characters left from tag title, until the dash). At least that would it mean in excel. Any idea how I can achieve this in MP3tag?


ARTIST <== $left(%TITLE%,$sub($strstr(%TITLE%,' -'),1))

Because you know the Excel scripting language, so you should be able to understand the Mp3tag scripting language as well, see Mp3tag manual help pages.


You're right, I didn't have a look at the strstr MP3 tag function...

And of course using action group would have done it too, but I couldn't stand I wasn't able to fix it using the excel functions..


What about the good ole "Guess values" (import tag) action for TITLE?
Guessing pattern: %artist% - %title%

Hmm, ... the OP's original wish was good for ...
Action "Guess values"
Guessing pattern: %artist% - %dummy%