How to handle file names with %title%(%artist%).mp3

I have some file names with %title%(%artist%).mp3 format. I tired to use filename - tag convertion %title%(%artist%) but failed. Please help.

It might help if you posted some of the filenames.

One thing to keep in mind is that spaces are important when using the convert feature.

Filename is: 01 Yesterday(Beatles).mp3
I want to convert it to track, title and artist tags. Thanks.

Then that would be

%track% %title%(%artist%)

instead of


You can also throw away any portion you like by using '%dummy%'. For instance, if you already had track numbers and didn't want to bring them in again from the filename, you could use

%dummy% %title%(%artist%)

Thanks JJ,
%dummy% %title%(%artist%) did not work. May be "(" and ")" are special characters?

I just tested it - works just like that for me.

Are you sure you're using the 'File - Tag' converter and not one of the other converters? The icon is:

As you type in the conversion string, Mp3tag will show you in the space below the text entry box exactly what it will pull out. (If you highlight more than on file, then it uses the first one as an example). If it doesn't match anything, then the area will be empty. As you type or edit the string, you may see fields appear and disappear.

For example, if you enter only


then it should show the whole filename (without the extension) being brought into the title field

title 01 Yesterday(Beatles)

Enter (again, the wrong string)

%artist% %title%

and you should see

artist 01
title Yesterday(Beatles)

You should be able to figure it out just by watching the space below the text entry box. Get it right and you'll have

track 01
title Yesterday
artist Beatles

Thanks again JJ. Yes I use Filename - Tag conversion. But I know now the problem is with Chinese file names.

01 路随人茫茫(黄沾).mp3

I've converted names as following w/o any problems:

01 路随人茫茫-黄沾.mp3
01 路随人茫茫_黄沾.mp3
01 路随人茫茫.黄沾.mp3

OK, it worked for my computer at work. So something wrong with my home computer...

The problem is these are not normal parentheses.
( ( and ) )
look similar but they're not the same.

So you have to copy these special chars to your format string:
%track% %title%(%artist%)

You are absolutely right! Smart! Good eyes! Thanks Dano.