How to hide certain files from filtered results?

Hello Everyone,

I have set up a filter to get Mp3tag to display all the files for which the %year% tag is missing, namely:

%year% MISSING

However, at the same time, I want it to hide certain files from view, in this particular case to hide the
files that contain in their %title% field, the following string:

  1. (HTOA)

Note: There is a space between the dot and the opening bracket in the aforesaid string.

Eventually, I gave up trying to achieve the desired result, having read and applied many variations of the following filter:

%year% MISSING NOT %title% MATCHES "00. (HTOA)"

Please, show me where I got this wrong?

Thank you, I always appreciate your assistance.

%year% MISSING AND NOT %title% HAS "00. (HTOA)"

From the documentation, about AND / OR / NOT

From the same documentation about MATCHES

Thank you, both.

Certainly always reading first, but as certainly, not always comprehending.


%year% MISSING AND NOT %title% HAS "00. (HTOA)"

The above filter did not hide the string.

This one eventually did:

%year% MISSING AND (NOT %title% HAS "00. (HTOA)")

Logically, it does not make any difference at all whether you apply the brackets or not. You have 2 conditions that should become true.
It would be different if you had 3 or more conditions out of which a pair should be evaluated together.

@ohrenkino, you are correct indeed. I am unable to explain why it did not work the first time around, but when reapplied, your filter worked perfectly. Thank you again.

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