How to highlight a group of files without clicking each one

I want to edit tags of 15 tracks in an album out of say 300 tracks of 20 albums. I want to highlight say the 15 tracks of one album to give them all the same artist and album titles. I can highlight each one individually until I get all 15 but there doesn't seem to be a way to lasso them all using the mouse - there is no space to the right or left of the track names in which to put the cursor to do this. Any ideas? This would sure save me time if you know the way.... I obviously can't use the Select All command as I don't want to highlight them all - just the 15.

i'm probably misunderstanding, but if all the files are in a row, just click the first file with a mouse, hold the shift key and then click the last file. Then all files in between are selected.

yup, that did it, thanks. This might have been a "duh" question but at least it is answered by you for posterity. I am used to holding down additional items with Ctrl and not Shift in other programs so didn't think of Shift. Duh indeed!

This has been a general windows feature for many versions ans is nothing special in MP3Tag.

Set the mp3tag listview left adjusted to see the icon symbols.
Place the mouse cursor into the left margin between the icon and the left window frame.
Now you can do what you want.
Hold down the primary mouse button and drag up or down along the tracklist.
Doing so the mouse cursor get additionally an elastic selection frame.

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