how to if Duplicate Filenames , remove less bit rate

i have any files duplicate filenames in any directories
i want remove files with less bitrate and stay more value bitrate
please help me

There is no automatism, you have to do it manually.

Within Mp3tag column view do prepare some columns, which can display technical data, for example:

Name: Codec
Value: %_codec%[' ('%_tool%')']

Name: VBR
Value: [$left(%_vbr%,1)]

Name: Bitrate
Value: [%_bitrate%' kBit/s']
Sort by: %_bitrate%

Name: Mode
Value: %_mode%

Name: Bits/Sample
Value: %_bitspersample%

Name: Tool
Value: %_tool%

Load all files into Mp3tag, then sort them by a choosen column, ...
then decide what to do next.


do you really like to find duplicate filename only,
or is that your way to find duplicate files?
You can also have a look on this
Please include a tool / function for removing / deleting dupulicate songs (files)