how to implement Album Artist properly?

hi all,

first forgive the long post. second, i want to make clear right from the start that i have NO PROBLEM whatsoever with mp3tag using id3 TPE2 to mean album artist, in fact, i support the long overdue change.

however, i am confused about how to implement the change.

when creating a column in mp3tag, the value and field names use:


that maps to TPE2 for id3, so thats fine. (i'm assuming caps or not between the % don't matter btw)

the problem is with FLAC. there is a functional difference between:



%album artist%

winamp writes flac tags WITH the space. so how do i get the ONE column in mp3tag to read/write TPE2 for id3, and read/write album artist tags for FLAC WITH the space, as opposed to without the space, which is what it seems to do now by default.

any help is appreciated! love mp3tag!

At Tools > Options > Tags > Mapping add

VorbisComment | Album Artist | Albumartist

worked like a charm Dano, thx!


i also added >

VorbisComment | RATING | Popularimeter