How to implement mp3val, MP3packer & MP3Gain via cmd

Hy Guys!

I've a question regarding the tool element in MP3Tag using
mp3val (,
MP3packer ( and

as I'm no CMD Guru how is it possible to implement these commands for all
selected tracks in MP3Tag?

as MP3Tag seems to me one of the powerfull taggers if not THE Tagger, I think these
commands/tools would be nice extras?

thx in advance


I'm Also interrested in it. Did you manage to figure it out ?

It's not possible.
You can use a workaround with the export and create a batch file the launches the program
$filename(Mp3val.bat,ansi)"c:\Porgam Files\mp3val\mp3val.exe" $loop(%_filename_ext%)"%_path%" $loopend()-lout.log

I was looking how to use the tool manager to use mp3gain from mp3tag and I found this thread...
But I can't find the way to make mp3gain opening with the batch... Doesn't even work from windows...
Here is what I changed but it doesn't work. Can you please help me. Thanks

$filename(MP3GainGUI.bat,ansi)"F:\Logiciel, informatique\Multimédia\Son\MP3Gain\MP3GainGUI.exe"
$loop(%_filename_ext%)"%_path%" $loopend()-lout.log

Remove -lout.log and it must be all in one line, no line break after MP3GainGUI.exe"
And it's for export.

In Tools menu you can only load one file in the GUI program, or a complete folder with the parameter "%_folderpath%"

You could also make a bat file for the command line version mp3gain.exe which scans the files immediately.