How to import a batch of covers to mp4 files

Hello everyone,

I would like to import a batch of cover files to mp4 using the action "Import cover from file."

The problem I have is that the photo files have a name which I would like to ignore the last 5 characters. That is, the names of mp4 and jpg files are the same, however, the jpg have 5 extra characters that I want to ignore to be able to import the mp4 video.

The format is as follows:





I had intended to use the following command:

D:\Inbox\Photos$left(% _filename%,$sub($len(% _filename%),5))

But I get error that is not the plain, unformatted when trying to import. I think I might have to do with the file extension.

Someone could help me fix it please? I want avoid rename photos files for import covers!

thanks in advance!

You can't do that (I think I've also said that in your last thread)

sorry dano, you're right.

I said again because I saw part of this code and I thought that perhaps could be useful for my purpose:)

thanks anyway