How to import a text file into a field

As I was creating an action, I noticed a selection: Import a Text File.

Is it possible to import a text file into a field populated.


I have txt files within each album that contains artist, instruments, recording dates, etc.


Ira B.txt

Can I import the txt file into a field and it shows the information as such, or does in simply makes a link to the field.

Alto Saxophone: Tyler Richardson
Alto Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone:
Baritone Saxophone: Ross Rizzo, Jr.
Bass: Lance Jeppesen
Bass Trombone: Tim Hall
Design, Graphics: Shaina House
Drums: Charlie McGhee

The action "Import text file" imports the contents of the specified text file to the field given when configuring the action.

So it's not a "link" to the file and the actual content is imported.

Kind regards
— Florian

You can import the contents of the file, if the data is all in a single line.
So you would have to prepare the text data in such a way that you replace the line breaks in the source file with something else, a printable character like #, import the single line of data with # as separator, run an action that replaces the # with line breaks again, so that the field contents is formatted more nicely.

This is a valid description for the converter "Text file - Tag" :slight_smile:

Kind regards
— Florian