How to import cover art from Windows Thumbs.db

Windows Explorer shows thumbprints of my mp4 video clips, but mp3tag does not show any cover art.
Is there a way to import the Windows thumbprints into the embedded cover art with mp3tag?

No, you would have to export the thumbnails first if you find a program for that.
Thenn you can use mp3tag to import the external pictures as covers.

@UFHG You could try something like Thumbsviewer to export this pictures.

BUT as the name says: these are thumbnails. Very small preview pictures. I don't think you will be happy with such small mini covers.

Perhaps it is better to get the pictures from the video.
Here is a description how to do that with VLC:

Good idea. But don't forget to search for a descriptive frame.
If you take it automatically from the first seconds, you always get the same Netflix logo :innocent:
If you take it from the middle of the video, you could see a spoiler scene.

Another method is to use "Take Snapshot" on the Video menu.