How to import Cover Art?

Please don't delete this topic. Please help me what i must to wrote in 'Actions' 'Import Cover from a file'. I want that all music that I selected include cover art. In all album folder i have file 'cover.jpg' and i want that mp3tag include that file to each album. My all music have than path for example "C:\Documents and Settings\Mosquito\Мои документы\Моя музыка\3 Doors Down\Another 700 Miles (2003)" I try to wrote "%dummy%\%album%'('%year%')''cover.jpg'" but it isn't work((((

P.s Sorry for my BAD BAD BAD English.

Are you starting from Мои документы or from Моя музыка?

from Моя музыка.

Just try cover.jpg

Thx a lot)!!