How to import images into the artist field?


So, I finally figured out a way to batch download artist images from to image files (.jpg and so on) into my artist folders. Now the only remaining thing is to get them into the file tags.

I thought that was going to be the easy part of this. But I can't seem to find a way with mp3tag to do this... am I blind? O_o

There is "import cover from file" which is straightforward enough, but it needs to import them into the "artist" field... how do I make this happen?


Who or what is "it"?
Covers are stored in an area of their own inside the files and most certainly not in the artist field.
Use the "import cover" action and let yourself get convinced.


I see that i was not clear enough. Sorry about that. A late post.

I meant that I need mp3tag (it) to import the image files into my mp3 files.

And, I did not mean the normal artist field, but the defined "artist" section(?) of the cover.
Do you know what I mean then? For example, you can add a album cover (you set it to "front cover") and then you can add another image to the very same file, and that one you set as "Artist" (right click -> set cover type -> Artist)

The result is that players that can read "artist art" (in my case foobar) will utilize this. It can show both artist image and front cover then.

My problem is that all my files have album art already, and so mp3tag must import these files straight into "Artist" (explained above). I can not do this manually as my library is well over 50000 items.


Ah! Yes! Now!
But sorry, it is currently not possible to define for the automatic import into which "slot" the image is to be inserted.
You can only import all the files and then manually set them to a certain type album by album.