How to insert a line break after a character

How do I create a line break after a character? in this case ;

Currently I have the pone script as so for performer field.

\u000A-----------------------\u000A works find and look as so:

Album Credits:

Double Bass: Chuck Israels

Drums: Paul Motian

Engineer [Recording]: Bill Schwartau

Piano: Bill Evans

Producer: Orrin Keepnews

However in those cases where Discog does not have metatag and i create my own tag info...
I would still like to it be the same.

Not sure if an action can occur here, but simply I would like it to read when there is a ; add a line break.

Example where i add my own info

Flora Purim - Vocals;
Moriata - Percussions;
Bill Evans - Piano;

Need it to read as:

Flora Purim - Vocals

Moriata - Percussions

Bill Evans - Piano

Any ideas...


Begin Action Group _Script Test#TEST

Action #1 Actiontype 5: Format value Field ______: UNSYNCEDLYRICS Formatstring: $regexp($regexp(%unsyncedlyrics%,(;$|;([\r])),$1\r----------------------------),;$,)

End Action Group _Script Test#TEST (1 Action)

it works with the exception it does drop down a line.

Flora purim - vocals------------------------
Moriata - Percussion-----------------------
Bill evans-----------------------------------

Need it to drop down a line

Flora purim - vocals

Moriata - Percussion

Bill evans


I think the \r should be expanded to \r\n (see Help on scripts)

That's it... Thanks

Got it added a \n made all the difference.. thanks for your help

Funny that. That same code worked for me. Glad to have helped.