How to insert same information in empty field for multiple tracks

I'm sure there must be an easy way to do this using mp3tag.
I have to create my own tags for a recording of an opera, and most of the fields, including album, albumartist, artist and composer, are empty. I basically need to insert the same details for all of the 87 tracks in each field; at the moment, the only option I can see is that of copying and pasting for each single track. As you can imagine, this is very time consuming!! :angry:

This is a basic feature of MP3Tag.
Just load your files, highlight them all, fill the empty fiels in the tag-panel and save.
For tags that are not by default in the tag-panel you can add them if you want to (File->Options->Tag-Panel or just fill them by using the extented tag-menuw (ALT-t).

Thanks for your reply, poster, but I don't think you understood my problem exactly (I probably expressed myself badly). My files were already loaded, but there was nothing in the albumartist, artist, album and composer fields (the field labels were present, but I had to supply the details myself).
In any case, I've now discovered how to do this. By using Select All, Tag - Tag command, choosing the relevant field and then typing in the necessary information, I was able to insert the details into every track of the album effortlessly.
I notice that someone else asked this question on internet (not this forum) a while ago, but no one gave him the answer he was looking for. :frowning:

There are no empty tag fields. So what you mean is just is just an empty input-field in a mask which means that the special tag is not present in the file.
You can nearly do everything with actions as you did with the tag-tag-converter but it is not necessary to do your task this way.

MP3Tag has 2 different windows:

  • the list-view where all loaded files are listed (1 line for each file)
  • the tag-panel where some tag-fields are listed for input

Both windows can be personally configured with tag-fields as you like it.

If you fill the input-fields in the tag panel and save it the changes are made in all files that are marked in the list view. So i.e. if you mark all files in the list-window that should have the same artist, write this artist in the artist-field in the tag-panel and save, the changes are made to all fields that are marked.

As I told you per default there are only some fields in the tag-panel but if you have fields that you want to use regularly for this purpose you can add those fields in the tag-panel in the options-menue.
So to use your example you would have to add albumartist and composer with the options-menue to get them shown in the tag-panel.

There is another window (the extended tag-view) which can be envoked by pressing ALT-t. Here you can see all tags that are present in the marked files of the list view. Here you can also add or change tag-fields for the marked fields.

You should add those fields that you want to use regularly to the tag-panel and use the extended tag-view to add fields that you need to fill only now and then.

All these mentioned features are no special tricks but basic features of MP3Tag.

Thanks very much for your reply, poster. You've pointed out a few things that I wasn't aware of. :wink:
Much appreciated.

Thanks for the help, your scheme worked very well. I knew about the Tag Panel but never used it before. The only thing that wasn't immediately obvious, at least to me, there is no save button on the pop-up Tag Panel and in order to save the Tag Panel you must use the regular Save button or keystrokes.

I nearly never use that.
As I have my hands on the keyboard anyway when I use the tag-panel its much more convenient and faster to use CTRL-s for saving.