how to justify the entries in a field?

the entries in artist field are not aligned properly. some are left aligned while some are with a space, others are with two spaces like that. how can i get all of them aligned left? i mean to ask as how can i justify the entries in a particular field?

does that mean that you have leading blanks in front of the artist' s name?

Beginning of field is ^.
so a replace with regular expression in the field artist and
search pattern "^ " (without the quotation marks - but how do I make a blank visible?)
and replace pattern "" (without the quotation marks - but how do I make "nothing" visible?)

thank you very much. it works!

Instead of making the leading spaces visible, you might simply create an Action to remove them and not worry about it.

What I do in the standard course of retagging anything is to run an Action Group that removes all leading and trailing spaces from common fields, and collapses multiple spaces into a single space. For my purposes, they're never significant and always unwanted. I do this for ARTIST, TITLE, ALBUM, and GENRE.

Action type: Format value
Format string: $regexp($trim(%artist%),\s+, ,1)

thanks jjj for the suggestion

You're welcome. Either cut and paste the expression shown or make sure you have exactly one space character between the two commas on the right.

$regexp($trim(%artist%),\s+, ,1)