How to let Mp3tag remember field values during session without saving?

Assume I dragged a dozend songs from WinExplorer onto Mp3Tag window.
On the left side there are the entry fields.

I want to copy now into most of the songs the name of the artist and save them alltogether with one click.

However when I edit e.g. the artist entry field of the first song, then (without saving!!) mark the second song, then go back and select the first song again the artist entry field value is empty again.

Why does Mp3Tag not remember these values for the session (=as laong asl the songs are listed on the right side)?

I think the "why" question is futile.

You can set that MP3tag saves data when you navigate to another entry in the file list.
See Tools>Options>Tags for that option

If you load a bigger collection with thousands of (different) entries I doubt that handling in MP3tag would really be comfortable if you had to scroll through that lot entries first.

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