How to list songs with lyrics first?

Is there a way to sort files by lyrics. I mean songs with lyrics first and the other at the end?

You can add a column in the File List with this Value:
Then you can sort the File List content (your tracks) by clicking on this column header and get the list sorted by tracks with or without lyrics.

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You would have to find out whether you have filled UNSYNCEDLYRICS or a different field (e.g. LYRICS) with the text.
Wouldn't a filter be much more efficient - I mean what is the benefit to have all the lyrics that start with "A" first?

So, try
%unsyncedlyrics% MISSING
to display all files without lyrics.
Or, if you may have text in either field:
%unsyncedlyrics% MISSING AND %lyrics% MISSING

Thanky you very much. Works fine

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