How to load current directory tree on startup?

I often used "mp3tag ." command to load a tree from the current directory, starting MP3Tag from FAR Manager. Just upgraded from 2.80 to 2.91, and noticed that this form no longer works. The new /fp option does not accept the dot as a current directory ("Directory cannot be accessed").

Is there a way to specify a current directory in the dot-form, not actual path?

And it would be nice to have a settings option to avoid remembering a working directory (starting with empty window if no command-line options specified). :slight_smile:

I am not sure how you want to determine what the "current directory" is when you call Mp3tag from the program icon.
You can install MP3tag with shell extensions and when you use the context menu in the Windows Explorer for a folder, then you can tell MP3tag to open that folder. This folder then becomes the current folder.

I don't run MP3Tag from the program icon. I run it from the console file manager (FAR Manager). It sets the current directory for the new process that can determine such directory via GetCurrentDirectory function.

But it is not required for MP3Tag to examine the current directory. Windows automatically substitutes it instead of the "." if a path starts from the dot. It works in 2.80 (and maybe in some later versions) but does not work in 2.91 (and maybe in some previous versions). Most likely, MP3Tag incorrectly works with relative paths because absolute paths work fine.

The specification for the /fp parameter says
Mp3tag.exe /fp:"<full-qualified path to directory>"

Starts Mp3tag in the specified directory using the directory as working directory.
So you would have to supply a fully-qualified path and no relative path.

Why to restrict the path to be fully-qualified? It is not required for path processing. If MP3Tag needs a full canonical path for some parsing, it could use GetFullPathName function, it is very simple.

In 2.80, relative command-line paths worked well, without any special options.

I don't know. I only show what is specified. And according to the help, MP3tag works as designed.
You asked "how to load current directory tree on startup" and the answer is: use a fully-qualified folder name.

Your answer does not match my question. :slight_smile: My question mentions the "current directory" (a known property of each Windows process), while your answer mentions the "specific directory" (a random object).

If you want to start MP3tag with command line parameters, please refer to the help.
The behaviour of how MP3tag treats the subfolders is set in