How to lock MP3 Tags

How can I lock my MP3 tags so if I take a portable hard drive or sd card to another computer, the player on that computer won't change the tags. I play my music usually with Windows Media player on my own machine and have the player set to not change the tags. But I know what happens when the tags are changed, it's usually happens without any awareness of it and can become a huge inconvenience later.
Thanks for the help in advance!

An SD-Card usually has a lock switch which you can use.

And in Windows you also can also change the properties of each file to write protected.

I haven't used WMP in 10+ years.

I know it's down to user preference but a player shouldn't modify your tags with out your knowing. Well, maybe perhaps playcount but that should be it.

My advice would be to research a new player.

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Thanks poster, I forgot about the switch on SD cards. Although micro SD's don't. But also thanks for the write protection suggestion. I was able to protect all the file at once so that was easy.

stevehero, Windows Media player has always been easy for my needs. But yes I have discovered on both Windows and Linux that if you're on the web and listening to music (or even just have the hard drive attached) I will later find out that the tags have been changed because I believe that the settings on the computer weren't set to not mess with the music tags.

Thanks again.

I can't recall the details, but I recall from my long-ago WMP use that even when I thought I had turned off every possible option that would keep WMP from changing my tags or artwork, somehow it would still find a way to change things. Since then, I've simply not installed (or not completed install) of WMP on any of my computers.

If you want a good windows music player, I'd recommend foobar2000. Very flexible powerful player but can be used in a simple manner as well. Also, it has a "portable" use installation function so you can put the entire program on a small USB thumb drive and use it on any windows computer you happen to be using. (not to be confused with the foobar mobile installation, which is something different for running on iphones, etc.).

Hit the windows key on your keyboard and type advanced. This should bring up the advanced Windows firewall icon.

Click that. From here you can block any incoming connections to WMP for both the incoming and outgoing connections.

This will block the app from communicating with the Web and stop your tags getting tampered with.

@stevehero & garym

I think that you did not get the point.
As far as I understood the thread opener he takes his portable storage-device to other peoples computers.
In this situation you use a player that is already on board and you also don't want to change the configuration or the behaviour of the firewall or change the behaviour of other peoples players or install an additional player.

As he mentioned he has already changed his own environment so that anything like changing tags will not happen.

Well, this makes it even easier for the OP.

Download a portable version of a player and stick it on the device.

My advice would be foobar2000. Best player out there (IMO) with an android (and possibly an iOS) version to fully complement the PC version.

This then doesn't limit the choice of storage device.

Edit :
Garym has already mentioned the portable version. Sure this is a valid answer poster. So he got the point, just not me.

I fell like someone shoud point out the smarter big brother on WMP- the Windows Media Player Classic

I do no know how it handles audio tags, but I can attest to its great handling of playback of videos