How to log file renames oldname & new name ??

Is there a way to log Convert actions that change a file's name to a disk file?
I need the old name and the new name so I can update playlists, etc.

No solution out of the box.
But you can store the old filename in a user-defined field and compare it with the new one.
Or you load an old playlist into MP3tag before you modify the filename,
then you rename the files,
then you update the playlist with the same files but with the new filenames.

No there isn't an auto-log feature, but you can utilize the Mp3tag Export feature right for your needs, ...
and write a text file, where the old filename and the new filename and also other data from the tag fields can be stored.


OK, I forgot about Convert/Preview.
I just did a little experimenting, and I see where I can get the Preview as a file, and process it.

The only problem I see is when a rename fails (duplicate name). However, I'l figure something out.

Thanks to all for the quick responses.