How to make a 2nd "Play" button with Tools menu and to customize it to play audio files?

Hello. How to make the Play button in MP3Tag to play the music files with any other Player?
When an audio file is dragged from MP3Tag and dropped on the Winamp Player, it starts to play the audio file.
★ Is it possible, how to make a tool in the Tools menu, how to assign a menu of Players to play any audio file from MP3Tag window?

Tools rely on the command line feature of the called program.
So if you know the command line parameters of your player then you can enter these for the tool.

To get a "custom" player for the play button: as this function uses the default player as set for the OS, you need to change the file association to point to your preferred player.

Is it possible to make a 2nd "Play with SPlayer" button with Tools menu and to customize it?
The command line is: Start "C:\Program Files\SPlayer\splayer.exe" "%1".

you probably have to replace the %1 with something like %_filename_ext% or even %_folderpath%

I tried even in this way, but it still doesn't play.
Play with Winamp

as %_folderpath%\%_filename% leads to something like C:\Users\Abc\Downloads\Bravo Hits 114 - 2021\16 - Ti Amo - Pietro Lombardi`
(which I think is an invalid syntax because of the double backslash) but misses the filename extension, I am not sure whether your player understands that.
Or, before we go on with trial and error, the search words "tool winamp" will lead to some threads, e.g. this one:

with a further link to the FAQs

The parameter "%_folderpath% worked with SM Player. Pay please attention, that there is only one quote " , there is no need for any closing " quote there, otherwise it will not play the file.

Thanks for good suggestions. I found, that we can use the Player action for each audio file extension, not only for mp3 files, because the parameter %_ext% doesn't work. So, I will start using this way for Winamp and for SM Player and maybe for all other Players. If there wouldn't be any better suggestions, then here is how I could use it:
MP3Tag ► Tools ► Options
Play MP3 with Winamp
C:\Program Files\Winamp\winamp.exe
:heavy_check_mark: for all selected files

I don't know what you have stored in that variable. If you refer to built ones then there are %_filename_ext% and %_extension%.

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Oh, thank you very much. It worked with .%_extension%
"%_folderpath%\ %_filename%.%_extension%"
Now the name of it will be not "Play MP3 with Winamp", but "Play with Winamp", because it can play all supported extensions. Thanks.

If you want to save a little typing:
provides the same amount of data.

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OK. It works too. Thanks.

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