Winamp As Default Mp3tag Player

Running Mp3tag v2.86 and Winamp Lite v5.65 on Windows 7. File -> Options -> Tools Name=Winamp, path = C:\Program Files (x86)\Winamp\winamp.exe, and parameter = /PLAY "%_path%". When I right-click a file in Mp3tag and left-click PLAY, the Winamp window appears, but with the name of whatever mp3 file was previously playing, and no sound until I click Play. Then it plays that previous file. What am I doing wrong? Thanks.

Just try %_path% as the parameter.

Nope. Previous mp3 file scrolls across Winamp, but nothing plays.

See Play/Enqueue files in Winamp from the FAQ

Florian, I copy and paste the example from FAQ right into the parameter field - /ADD “%_path%”. I still get the same result as in my first post. Is there anything else I should try?

Not sure whether the quotes are right, when you've copied and pasted the example. I've reformatted the post, can you try with

/ADD "%_path%"

I copied from your reply, pasted it into Parameter, said 'OK', closed Mp3tag, reselected Mp3tag from the dropdown menu, right-clicked the mp3 file, and selected PLAY. Same result. I tried substituting PLAY for ADD, but again, no change in behavior.

I've just read your original post again. It seems that you're using the standard Play entry from the menu and not the user-defined tool you've just configured. To make the Play entry use this custom Tool, please select it as Default tool at Options > Tools.

That was the solution. I tic'd the default tool box to use the special program. Now I just have to remember to double-click the mp3 file, and it plays in Winamp immediately. Danke schön!

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