How To Make Album Capatilized & How To Insert More Albums/Tracks/Genre's At Once


Pretty much says it in the title. I'm renaming some of my music files, and i did the auto capatalize feature, but it doesn't work on the albums? How do i solve this?
Also, how do i name several albums at once? without having to copy and paste each thing each time?


Action: Case Conversion
Field: _ALL or _TAG or ALBUM
Case Conversion: Mixed Case

copy & paste frome where? please explain!


your first answer has confused me :confused: what the hell is field? :L i've never used this before and i'm extremely confused
and i mean, if i'm naming the genre of one album, how do name the entire album straight away, without having to name each individual track on the album a certain genre?


don't curse if you want me to explain something to you!!!

ALBUM, ARTIST, TITLE, GENRE are all fields (or tag-fields) . Together they are the tag.
So at the Action (the buttonl left from this button :mt_act: )

you write the field of more files by:

  • selecting them all in the fileview window (main window)
  • write the desired value (e.g. Pop) into the field (e.g. Genre) at the tag-panel (at the left, press Ctrl+Q if you don't see it)
  • save (press Ctrl+S)

but there are much more ways to do such tasks
have a look at the help pages:
or at the FAQs here in the forum: /c/faq-frequently-asked-questions


Hi drummerkid999, welcome in the forums of the Mp3tag application.

The latest version of Mp3tag is v2.48, but not "hello" as you mentioned it in your personal profile.
Are you sure that you use the Mp3tag software and that you are at the right place here in the forums?

You wrote, that you "did the auto capatalize feature", and this let me asking back, where did you find this feature in Mp3tag? And how did you do it?