How to make effective an field


Hello guys!

As you can se in the picture, I can set the field "BPM" with succsess, I mean, if I load a directory on mp3tag, it reads perfectly the song's BPM's.
This not happens yet with the "KEY" field. How can I make it effective?
Thanks in advance.

Marcelo Neri

Which field should be displayed as "key"? (could it be "INITIALKEY"?)
See the help for supported standard fields:

and/or check the extended tags dialogue and get the field name from there.

Hello ohrenkino

I saw your link, and it seems mp3tag can't write doesn't write the KEYs of the songs on fields. Too bad. Unless I'm mistaken.
Thank you anyway.

Marcelo Neri

If you have a file that should have the field "key" - which fieldname does the dialogue "Extended tags" (Alt-T) show?

I didn't know about this "ALT + T" shortcut. Where can I learn more about others?
I have made a field on "Tag Panel", those are the images:

So, MP3tag shows you the name of the field in the extended tags dialogue. It is, as I have suspected in

the field INITIALKEY.
So now you have to enter INITIALKEY (and not KEY) in "field" when you define a new item in the tag panel. You can keep the name "Key" if you like, that is just a label.

see the help on keyboard shortcuts:

Yes, it shows "INITIALKEY" because I set like this, I mean this is not correct.
At the link you sent, there's not "Key" field. So I suspect that it is impossible to write the keys of the songs on the tags.
Thank you anyway.

There is "INITALKEY"...
Anyway: I would suspect that you knew the answer anyway as you have discussed this topic already in this thread:

This is Virtual DJ 8 Tag editor. As you can see, it writes somewhere the key of the songs, I mean it writes on it's internal tags but also on the file tag.

If you see data that you do not see immediately in MP3tag, it may be worthwhile to investigate the following:
Does your program write modifications to the files (into the tags) or does store them in an internal database?
(I mean: data like "color", "Remix", "Remixer" are no standard ID3 fields either.)
If the data is stored in an internal database only, I do not see much chance to get it out of there.
If there is a function in your program to export that data or force your program to write it to the files, then one could probably find it in the extended tags dialogue.

If the data is stored in the tags but still not visible in MP3tag, one could check in Tools>Options>Tags>Mpeg which tag versions get read, written and deleted by MP3tag.
Sometimes information is written exclusively to just one tag version (by the other program) but not read by MP3tag - and so it does not show.

It does for both (I suppose it so). I dont have another DJ software on this PC for testing if Virtual DJ 8 really writes that specifically modification (key tag) to the files. The other modifications it does for sure. I know because mp3 tags shows it.

ohrenkino, I thank your attention and help.

If you are absolutely certain, then check one of the files that should show the "Key" if they have also APE tags - you can see that (e.g.) in the window title of the extended tags dialogue.
In the dump in one of the former posts, it says only ID3 tags, no APE - this could be different for files where your program wrote the data.
But there are a number of user-defined fields like COMPATIBLE_BRANDS or MAJOR_BRAND (and I don't know where they come from).
As you say that you wrote the INITIALKEY yourself, it may be worth a try to enter the key in one file and check it with MP3tag.
The bad news would be: if then no field shows up in the extended tags dialogue with the key data and there are no strange tag versions in the file, then the program keeps that data to itself.

I just find out where I was doing wrong. Is is exactly where you said before The "initialkey' thing. Now mp3tag is reading this data wrote on VDJ 8.
Thank you very much!!!
Maybe this picture can help others to create the same field or another: