How to make Grammartron ignore WWW tag from renaming

I'm using Grammartron and for my needs is great but please can somene tell me what I need to add in .mta to exclude WWW tag from renaming?

Here is that basic Grammartron scrypt:

Grammartron - Smart Case and Grammar Restorer #1 - Tags.mta (4.6 KB)

I only need exclude WWW tag from any action of that scrypt.

Thanks for all your help!

I do not see very much hope there:
the linked mta uses _TAG as field to treat which is all of the tag data. This includes any field.
If you want to be more specific, you would have to re-write the action group so that it has a positive list of fields which to treat.
Or, before you apply the grammartron action, you export the www field to a text file and import is afterwards to restore the original data.

Uf, I'm looking right now and yes, there is _TAG as field.
Problem is, before few days I was making uninstall of old Mp3tagPro app and uninstaller of that app was somehow deleted all Mp3tag settings and all actions with tag sources was deleted. Complete Mp3tag was restored to default values.
And ofc, I was not make new backup and now I need to setup again my M3tag settings.
I can't remember what action I was used in last configuration of Mp3tag but I will look all .mta files and try to find what .mta scrypt use specific tag fields.


MP3tag is a completely different program than MP3tagPro. Or: MP3tagPro is not a version variation of MP3tag.
So it could be that we are talking about completely different programs...