How to make mp3tag forget last directory used?

Is it possible to have MP3TAG start blank? Every time I open it, it loads all the files from the last time. Why would I want that? This is not as bothersome though as to what it does should that folder have been moved or deleted. What it does instead is load whatever else seems to be in its place. In my case it loads thousands of files from the folders on my desktop (hence why it really bothers me).
Thank you
(I work on files on my desktop before moving them to their right location)
my os: Windows 10

You can define your favourite directory in Tools -> Directories.

That is not a good idea.

Go to Options > Directories and tick "start from this directory" but leave "Favorite directory" blank.

This will make Mp3tag start with an empty file list.

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Awesome tip!!! This has always bothered me but I never even tried to change it...

interesting. I wonder why you would say so. :slight_smile: I can't see a difference as to where one would choose to do so.

and thanks for your help--to all :slight_smile: