How to make mp3tag read the notation key?

How to make mp3tag read the notation key, from the tag we search directly in beatort. and it is recorded in the INITIALKEY tab, and also in the COMMENT tag.
If I have the files preanalizado in MixinginKey, if they appear.
But not when you do the action to look for the label in beatport.
I have to touch up some parameter in the scrip?
What I want is for INTITALKEY to appear for example "4A".
And in COMMENT: "4A ENERGY 6".
Talcual as the Mixinginkey leaves it.
Ask the Idetag to bring the Energy level on the label ?.

tell them that by trying editing the script file.
I have managed to link the file to the Beatport page, read the note key, making some modifications, without being an expert in the programming theme.
But, there is a detail that I do not know how to modify it, and it is that in front of the note key I get a "0" when the note key is in the kamelot format in the numbers of a single number, for example:
in a key that would have to be "1A"; it appears with a "0" in front, "01A"; Do any of you have any solution to remove the number "0" in front ?.


When you sort by key in a playlist, you WANT the tracks in 1A to appear BEFORE 10A, 11A and 12A.


If you don't add the "0" prefix to the single digit keys, they'll sort wrong. SOund slike someones done you a favour by adding the "0" prefix. I have an action set up to do that...

If in this I have noticed, that to order by the key of note is better, you are right.
but, I have not tried yet as I read it; for example, in Traktor, or Virtual Dj, now in those applications the note key was shown without the "0" in front.
I'll try to have them read in these players.
but with that they also read the key of note I do not know what reaction it will have.
I will try, and I will inform you.
Thank you.

Hello again.
I have already tried to know how to read the musical key, both in Traktor, and in Virtual Dj, in Traktor the number "0" does not appear in front of the musical key, but it gives us the option to vary the way it can be displayed the musical key, both in musical format, or by tonality.
In virtual Dj; we also have the option to modify how to show the musical key, in musical key mode, or in tone mode, with the difference that virtual Dj, if it shows the number "0" in front of the tone key; but in Traktor it does not show the number "0" in front of the tone key.
In summary, today I learned one more thing!
I hope that some of you, you can serve these tests, and if they have any comments or improvements would be good to share.
A greeting.