How to make script skip a composer tag while write all others?


So I'm using the Apple Music script by @AreDigg it writes all the tags I want. I just want to skip the composer tag and retain my own custom tag. I tried using "keep" in the composer edit field but it doesn't make any difference, composer tag from the Apple API gets written

So how can I do this? any help will be greatly appreciated.

You have to change the script.
The Websources scripts reside in the folder

Open the file Apple Music with a plain text-editor, goto the bottom the file and add a new line

Thank you for the response @Poster. Sometime I need it, other time don't so I can't edit the script. When I rip from CD, I need the script to write the composer tag while when I purchase from Qobuz I get the composer tag in the file in that case I just want the script to skip that particular tag as Apple also includes artists and featuring artists, if any, in the composer field which I don't like. I like the way Qobuz handles the composer tag, they only have the real composer in the field so I prefer their value in the field.

Any other suggestions?

Create an extra script for the use without composer.
Save the changed file in the same folder with a changed name, e.g Apple Music Web without composer.
Then edit the the apple country src-files you use in the third line. This line stands of including the inc-file, you just edited and saved with another name:
Include]=Apple Music Web without
and save it to Apple#Music ... without composer.src.

Okay thanks. But I don't want to edit the scripts, is there any other way?

You want to make a script skip a composer tag but don't want to edit a script? Not even a copy of a script?
No, there is no other way.

Ah!Okay. Thank you for the response.