how to make the filenames shorter in length?

how to make the filenames shorter?

i have long filenames. i want to make the length of the filenames to 25 characters including the spaces between words. how is it possible?

Action: Format Value
Converter: Tag-Filename

Formatstring: $left(%_filename%,25)

Just as an extra option: if you want to make sure that you do not get too many errors that the renaming fails as there is already a file with that (shorter) name, it is ususally a good idea to take care that a number, e.g. the track number does not get trunkated.
So either you construct a filename that limits the number of characters of all the variables to a certain maximum or you subtract the 4 characters needed for the tracknumber from that length.

Do you think about something like this?



can u make it simpler please. what does it mean? i assume this much.
action> replace with regular expression
field> filename
regexp> ?
replace with> ?

would u mind explaining it? thanks, have a nice day.

The Mp3tag scripting code line demonstrates a possible implementation of ohrenkino's remark.
You can fill this code line into the format string edit field of the converter "Tag - Filename".
See the preview result what the code line will do when applying it to the file name.

User ohrenkino has clarified that the shortening of the file name may cause problems, so that "double" file names may arise.
This problem could be diminished by saving the unique leading track number.
Shortening should only be applied to the following textual part of the filename.

If you want to try to solve your task as simple as possible, then the function $left() from the basic set of Mp3tag scripting functions might work for you, see post #2 from user pone.


perfect. it works. thanks a lot. have a nice day

thanks a lot for the suggestion . it works

thanks for the prmpt reply. it is clear now.

after typing the above message and piosted it,i wanted to edit my post. i corrected the spelling of prompt and i typed some explanations to DetlevD post. then i clicked full edit. then i saw a blank message box instead of the text. guide me please.