How to make the genre appear as the year


I am absolutely grateful to this software for all the help it has been providing people like me!

I am very new to this; I am really bad at coming up with codes to do what I want. I hope you guys can help me out!

I have an iPod, and since the iPod does not classify songs / albums by "year", I thought of converting the "genre" of each album/song so that it mentions the year of the album/song instead of its genre. I tried hard to search for a code that would allow me to do this, but I couldn't find anything. I really hope someone would be able to help me out!

im pretty sure you could try using the %itunesrelease% tag (on my phone but double check wheather thats the right tag here on the forum) and sort your playlist within itunes by that field and once you update your ipod that playlist should appear in that order.

Correct me if im wrong anybody.

But you need to format your genre to a blank value in actions. But id actually place it in the comment for backup.

So you would have to go format under actions:
field: COMMENT
value: %genre%

then run this action. Format again.
Field: GENRE
value: %year%

im assuming as you have an ipod you use itunes so have you considered using smart playlists to catagorise your music by year?

Can you elaborate a little bit. Are you literally wanting to organize songs/albums by year? So, for example, you want to search or navigate to "1992" and listen to albums from that year?

There's usually a way to tag and use iTunes/iPods the way you want without having to "mislabel" tags like that, i.e., putting information in the wrong field. If I'm clearer about what isn't working now and the way you want it to work, hopefully we can come up with a better solution.

PS: I forgot to ask...which iPod? Touch or Classic?


Thanks so much for your quick response! Really appreciate it!

I have an iPod Classic - 160 GB. I did not know about smart playlists, just googled that and it looks to me like that can only be used to sort the songs on itunes; not on the iPod itself. I'm not sure if I'm right...


Thank you very much for your prompt help! Really grateful!

I have an iPod Classic; yes, I just want to be able to navigate through the year of my songs/albums on my iPod.
If there was a better solution than having to mislabel tags, that would be awesome! Unfortunately, I have no idea how to do that. Would you happen to know?

Isn't it possible to create a(n automatic) playlist to show the files according to year?