How to manage a Discogs tracklist

Sometimes when I try to tag up an album and use Discogs as a tag source, Discogs lists more tracks than I have. The prize example: Discogs will have a separate entry for each member of a medley, or even will break out an included number as a separate entry.

Does the editor permit me to ignore a particular listed track when mapping a source tracklist to the track files I have ready to tag? Or must I create a dummy file to take the errant association, and then throw that file out in the middle of my editing session?

If you see that some files that you have selected do not belong to that what the data source suggests, then cancel that attempt and unselect those that should not get new data and start the web search again with the shorter list of selected files.

Ah, but the problem is a little different from that. You see, I have the precise release, after verifying it with barcodes, runout codes, label codes, even cover art. And: I have files corresponding to some of the tracks listed at Discogs--but not all of them. In particular, Discogs Release 11671991 has a track called "East Bound And Down" and another track below it titled "Incidental CB Dialog (Included)." In fact, they're both the same track, with the dialogue inserted among the stanzas of the song.

Now obviously I don't want to break that track up into separate files. That's absurd. So how do I cope with the tracklist having one item more than the number of files I actually have?

Or must I give up on using a tag source and create a text file listing the tracks I actually have?

That is your decision.
MP3tag has hardly any control over the data that discogs supplies and also no control over how you save your files.

Then I'd like to suggest a new feature: a routine to let you control tracklist/file associations directly without regard to alphabetization, and to ignore an extraneous listing or file, regardless of its place in the file-list or tracklist order.