How to manage Private Tags?


Mp3tag is unable to show private tags (PRIV). There's no corresponding mapping for PRIV fields in the Mp3Tag map table.

Is there any way to work around this?

The reason I'd like to display/edit PRIV fields is because Windows Media Player uses its own PRIV field to store the Mood instead of using the corresponding TMOO field. Of course I'd like to conveniently modify this field with Mp3tag, since I'm planning to build some automatic playlists (i.e. intelligent playlists in iTunes) based on in this field.

If Mp3tag is unable to do this... are there any plans to include this feature in future versions?

You can't edit them.

It's also questionable if it should be supported, since these frames contain arbitrary binary data.

You can't view them either (in Mp3tag). Can you?

Well, as I explained above, sometimes there is useful information in these frames. Windows Media Player storing the Mood information there is an example of this. Why in God's name it doesn't store it in the TMOO frame like everyone else, I don't know. But this illustrates the need of handling these fields.


TMOO is only defined in v2.4 but WMP only uses v2.3

Editing could only be offered for fields with known owner identifiers where the content has a structured scheme and is text based.
That would probably work for your WM/Mood identifier.

So that's just how I see it, if there are more of this kind of identifers maybe it would be worth the effort.
But Florian needs to decide.


Stupid WMP.

Good point.

While Florian decides... what's your advice about handling this situation?

What do you mean?

Never mind. Thank you for the feedback.

Still not supported. Any updates/news?

Will this be supported?

+1 from me

At least removing such frames as part of an action group should be possible.
(I found a lot of tracks with rubbish in this PRIV frame/tag. It's a little bit irritating, that I can't see such tags in Mp3tag :unsure: )

To discourage sharing, Amazon is now starting to store personally identifiable information in the PRIV data (thanks to record company pressure). This guy here has written a utility to detect it and strip it out:

It would sure be nice if the wonderful Mp3tag could at least display whether an MP3 had any PRIV frames and let us strip it out if desired.

Silly record companies.. Did they forget what they learned in kindergarten? Sharing is caring! :slight_smile:

I have updated the dessicator app .sln file to new .net framework 4.x and it now runs on Windows 10. It had some old lookup for some old certificate that was causing windows to think the file was harmful, also fixed that. i will be adding some more fixes soon. Please send me email and I will send you location of new exe to remove all mp3 tags

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