How to match "Producer" in extended tags?

For old songs, "song writer" is matched to "composer" and "lyricist" in extended tags (well, I think). But how about "producer"? (

Thanks in advance

see the help for supported fields:


It seems to be ok to apply the tagfield PRODUCER,
... read there ...
... or apply the tagfield INVOLVEDPEOPLE.


Thanks to both of you for the reply.

But then my question is: Is PRODUCER a well-defined tag in the ID3 standard? If yes, maybe we should post a request to have it added to the extended tag list, no?

As soon as you enter that field name in the list of fields (e.g. because you add the field with the help of the extended tags dialogue) the name should be in the list.

Please note: the string may become a user-defined field which is not standard. So better use (as DetlevD suggested) INVOLVEDPEOPLE as this is mapped to the field name of the ID3 standard: IPLS.

I understood what you meant. You told me to add a "customized field/tag" but that's exactly what I want to avoid as much as possible. My viewpoint is that, if something already exists in the standard, I won't "reinvent the fire".

And as I saw in the "Hydrogen Audio" web page, it seemed that PRODUCER is in the standard, so I asked the (rhetorical) question if it is in the standard.

PRODUCER should be mapped IPLS to become a standard field.
If you want to achieve the same with MP3tag, you would have to use INVOLVEDPEOPLE. Otherwise you create a user-defined field called PRODUCER which internally could look like TXXX/PRODUCER. So another program that looks for IPLS would not recognize the user-defined fields TXXX/PRODUCER as the field for producer.

Note: IPLS is a tag-field, which can store many involved people, where one personal item is a text sequence of "role:name".
See Mp3tag help ...


True. But following your link I found only one mapping: that from the word "producer" to the field IPLS.
Checking which MP3tag field variable would map to IPLS, I found "INVOLVEDPEOPLE". So in a way there is no real field for "producer" but only one where you can find this piece of information among many others.

As one can see in the "Hydrogenaudio Tag Mapping" table, the tagfield "INVOLVEDPEOPLE" can carry "multi-items" and relates only to the ID3v2 tagging system, other tagging systems support the dedicated tagfield PRODUCER, which carries a "single-item".

It may not hurt to fill both tag-fields:
INVOLVEDPEOPLE <== 'producer:name;'
PRODUCER <== 'name'