How To Merge info from two files into one?

Ok, so here's my problem:

I have one large folder of incoming music, and another of my existing collection - that already had lots of info I have hand-typed for comment fields. The incoming files have up-to-date year/album info however.

All of the files share the same file name, with each set in a different folder.

I was wondering if anyone with some advanced scripting experience could teach me how I would set up a script to pull the comment field from files in one directory - and input them into their identical counterpart files in the new directory.

Can it even be done?

Any help either way would be appreciated.

I think you can only copy all the tags at once with mp3tag, but you can use foobar2000 to copy selected tags. Depending on how you tag your files however, you might want to rewrite your tags in mp3tag afterwards, since foobar uses id3 v 2.4 which many programs doesn't like, including windows media player.

In the playlist, put the files you want to copy a comment from at top, then add the receiving files. Make sure they are sorted in the same way. Select all files, right-click: tagging; copy info between files. Select which tags you want to copy.