How to modify the Tag Panel?


I just found this program and have used it as it is to play around with some files. I find it very easy and powerful to use. I have a few other questions which I will research and post if I don't find an answer.

I have a need to change the tag panel defaults to change one value and add one value. I have gone to Tool>Options>Tag Panel ... but the "Default values" is where I can't see any way to make a change (change one value, add one value)?

I did a search but I don't believe I came across a post asking how to do this so asking.

Thank you.

could you be a bit more specific: which field do you want to change or add?
What is your understanding of "default value" (Old programmer's wisdom: constants aren't and variables don't :wink: )
For me it is "if there is no value in this field enter the default value as specified in the options.
So: what was your problem?

ohrenkino, I have a need to change "Artist" to "Singer" and add a field "Lyricist". I am collecting songs in my language and we do not use "Artist" but "Singer" in its place.

Before you say anything, I can use "Artist" for "Singer" am using it right now but the tag "singer" is used on all of our songs and would be nice to have a similar named field to work with. We also recognize the song writers and use that as a tag "Lyricist" for songs.

In any case, I appreciate your asking and hope some help.

It's not possible to remove the Artist field from the Tag Panel. But from what I read, it's also not really necessary since you can simply add Singer and Lyricist to the Tag Panel via Options > Tag Panel.

To make sure that you're using the right field names (e.g., SINGER and LYRICIST) have a look at the extended tag dialog at [Alt+T].

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