How to move \\Artist2 to TITLE using (feat.)?

Hi there,

I know there are a lot of posts looking for a way to do this but they were not using the same tags as I did.
So I have multiple songs that are features and tagged like:

Unfortunately, older iPods do not support this format and do not respect Album Artists so the artist section gets flooded with multiples.

How can I make it so that \\Artist2 will move to TITLE?
Like this:
TITLE:Song1 (feat. Artist2)

Also it would be cool if it supports multiple featured artists like Artist1\\Artist2\\Artist2\\Artist4 which is especially useful for hip/hop rap songs since they generally feature more than one additional artist.

Thanks in advance! :slight_smile:

Test with the converter Tag->Tag and if it works fine for you, you can define an equivalent action of the type "Format Value" later:

Field: TITLE
Format String: %title% (feat. $meta(artist,1)[, $meta(artist,2)][, $meta(artist,3)][, $meta(artist,4)][, $meta(artist,5)])

You have to make sure that this action is only used once, otherwise the additional artists will be added to the title again and again.

With a second action of the type "Remove duplicate tag-fields" you could delete the unneccesary ARTIST-fields. As this action removes all duplicate tag-fields (not only the duplicate artist-fields), you can only use it, if you have no other multivalue-fields, you want to keep.

Alternatively you can use an action of the type "Guess value":
Source format: $meta(artist,0)==%title% (feat. $meta(artist,1)[, $meta(artist,2)][, $meta(artist,3)][, $meta(artist,4)][, $meta(artist,5)])
Format string: %artist%==%title%

As always there are many roads that lead to Rome. :wink: