How to move LAST two digits from ALBUM to TRACK


I have a number of Karaoke mp3s with filenames which have a naming convention as follows:


However, the ALBUM field may also contain "-" dashes. Examples of my filenames:

American Idiot - Green Day - THR0411-10
100 Years - Five For Fighting - CB5043-1-12

I have converted the FILENAMES to TAGS with the section after the last " - " moving to the ALBUM name.

However, what I WANT to do is take the LAST two digits from either the FILENAME or the ALBUM name and move to the TRACK field.

Because the filenames have an inconsistent number of "-" dashes, I haven't been able to figure a way to get the 'CONVERT' process to move only the LAST two digits (or the digits after the LAST "-") to the TRACK field.

Any help with this either with CONVERT or REPLACE WITH REGULAR EXPRESSIONS would be greatly appreciated.

-Chef Juke

Action type: Format value
Field: TRACK
Format string: $right(%_filename%,2)