How to never include (and clean) EXIF infos from album art?


i noticde mp3tag keeps the exif infos from all the album art i injected in my music file.
is there a way, n option to desable this feature ?
Size & memory matters for me, so i want to remove them .
i know there is software to do that, but i would prefer mp3tad does not import them at all !

when you have a lot of files on little card, so

thanks for a tips.

Some media players require embedded album art to have specific metadata before the art will be displayed.
If your request to remove "exif infos" is implemented, it would have to be an option.

What is the typical increase in size for an image when EXIF metadata is added?

the technical infos can remains, but other (like the editor or the name or the geolocalisations should be erased).

I doubt that you will gain a lot. Every tag is saved with a certain amount of padding.
Also there is a certain minimum sector size on the data storage.
If the size of metadata is not just above one of these limits, there will be no visible effect in respect to saving storage space.

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when the music is streamin, broadcast on limited network, size matters.
i just did a test.
one file with exif, another without (fully removed)
There is a gain of 1Kb for an album art in each song.
And this test is only for a file i edited one time, imagine the exif size when the software records the history of your work in the EXIF data without limit...

when bandwidth is not free of cost, it matters.

Anothe question :
Can Mp3tag filter/display each size of the exif information ? Even userful, can we sort/filter the files by exif size ?
Other way, is there such software which can sort many picture files and sort them by exif size ? As i can export all the album art, i can process them all in a external editor...

To cut this short: MP3tag treats any given picture as black box an takes it as it is.
If you want to modify any properties of the picture then you have to use designated picture editing programs.

Oh, and yes: in your OP you did not mention any streaming but talked about

And if size is really a problem I would look at the need to embed pictures at all or reduce the sample rate of the audio part. Tempering with the exif data (and many cameras also add IPTC data) esp. if it should manipulate only specific fields, will hardly lead to any signifcant savings.

Use FileOptimiser / IrfanView / XNview / Leanify etc on extracted JPEG file if you want to clean it up (remove EXIF/IPTC/XMP/thumbnail etc)